are central to our business

Passion for entrepreneurs and management teams

Entrepreneurs are central to our business; they are at the heart of the companies we invest in.

The success of an investment is reliant on developing a relationship of trust with our managers. The key component of this relationship is a shared vision of the company’s objectives, underpinned by clear alignment of interests.

We enjoy creating ambitious but realistic plans in partnership with management teams, taking care to facilitate seamless communication which enables us to listen to a company’s needs and actively support them, while remaining closely involved with any issues they face.

At Abénex, an investment is not the sole responsibility of any individual team member.

We work closely as a team and all professionals are consulted in advance of an investment decision.

We attach great importance to creating tailored transaction teams that are best placed to address the specific needs of a company, and which will include both investment and operational professionals to fully support the company and foster a close working relationship.

Our reputation is a key ingredient to our long-term success.

We take responsibility for our decisions and strive to ensure that there is continued alignment of interests to ensure a mutual positive outcome.

We make decisions that are fair to and respectful of the entrepreneurs and management teams that we partner with.

Our team strives to continuously improve and challenge the way we do things, with the goal of delivering the best possible results for every situation we encounter.