18 June 2021

Founded in 1993, Edition et Développement Logiciels (« EDL ») is a leading software provider for medical imaging services. With its Xplore software, EDL offers its customers a fully modern, integrated and SaaS-ready solution which facilitates ...


23 November 2020

Founded in 1992, Inlog is the software publisher of EdgeSuite which includes 4 solutions: – EdgeLab: laboratory management system for hospitals and clinics – EdgeBlood: blood donors information system for blood institutions (e.g. ...

Acteon / Satelec

13 May 2020

L.C.O Santé

13 May 2020

Laboratoire Lescuyer

13 May 2020

Lescuyer Laboratory is a key player in food supplements for a better health. Laboratoire Lescuyer attracts more than 75% of its new clients through a network of nearly 2,500 professional healthcare prescribers. The company is recognized for the ...

Europa Group

18 April 2020

Headquartered in France, Europa is an organiser and owner of conferences. It is the undisputed leader in the French resilient medical Professional Conference Organisation (PCO) sector. In addition to conferences, Europa offers a large panel of ...