As an investor,

Abénex plays an important role in the economic and social environment in which it operates

We believe our interests should be aligned not only with the companies we invest in, but also with their employees, their customers, their suppliers and the environments in which they operate.

We understand the importance of being a responsible investor and invest in accordance with our ESG policy.

In addition, Abénex is a signatory to the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI), promoted by the United Nations.

Abénex will not invest in certain unethical industries such as armaments, tobacco and gambling.

We also will not invest in companies that violate fundamental international treaties (such as those covering human rights, child labour and forced labour), or companies that engage in any form of corruption, fraud or money-laundering.

A commitment built into our investment appraisal process

Every investment is unique, and we strive to assess each one in accordance with its individual features.

Our investment process for every transaction takes into account legislative compliance, as well as any inherent business risks and the associated risk reduction strategies. It also addresses current and potential ESG issues specific to the investment opportunity, as well as the possibility of creating value by putting a proactive ESG policy in place.

Our environmental assessment takes into account:

  • compliance with environmental law
  • savings and recycling efforts in relation to materials, energy and water
  • reducing carbon emissions and other forms of pollution, including the carbon footprint associated with staff travel policies
  • impact on biodiversity and the environment
  • environmental compliance costs

We assess the social impact of our potential investee companies on:

  • their compliance with the law
  • their integrity
  • their lobbying and donation policies
  • the protection of employees’ health
  • the training provided to employees
  • their equal opportunities policy
  • how they monitor and develop the careers of their staff

Understanding governance standards

Structured operations and documented policies and procedures are sources of value for businesses.

When we analyse potential investments, we therefore attach importance to understanding:

  • mechanisms in place to promote transparency, communication and the sharing of ideas
  • existence of profit-sharing arrangements and incentives to align interests
  • documentation of individual and collective responsibilities
  • financial controls and the existence of performance indicators
  • implementation of procedural checks
  • risk management
  • handling of potential conflicts of interest

Raising awareness and providing active assistance

Abénex is actively involved in the implementation of ESG commitments..

Throughout our period of ownership, Abénex’s team encourages and actively helps management to focus on ESG issues.

To increase transparency and awareness, Abénex uses a formal documented process to collect and analyse ESG data from its portfolio businesses.