Antoine Schouman

Photo Antoine SCHOUMAN

Antoine is a Partner in the Mid-Cap team at Abénex. He has worked on several investments including Cisbio, Point Vision, Premista and Vulcanic.

Antoine is originally from Strasbourg. He began his career with several years in operational roles in traditional and interactive media. These included the first Liberation website (1996), Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace and time at Carat (Aegis Group). He subsequently joined 24/7 RealMedia, an interactive marketing company whose activities are now split between WPP and Microsoft, where he launched and ran an international sales advertising agency, representing interactive media brands such as the New York Times and Bloomberg to European advertisers. Having experienced first-hand what it takes to run a business, Antoine is able to relate to the entrepreneurs and managers with whom Abénex works closely with on a daily basis.

“As a business enthusiast, driving companies on their growth trajectory and developing their strategic initiatives to achieve their long-term vision is fascinating. Each portfolio company is different but as part of the Abénex DNA, we partner and engage with all of them as an active shareholder that collaborates with management based on a relationship of trust.”