Vincent Gouedard

Photo Vincent GOUEDARD

Vincent is a Manager in the Operational Team at Abénex. He initially worked in the Investment Team on the investments in Cisbio and Hygeco before moving to the Operational Team in 2017 partnering with portfolio companies in their ongoing development. Since joining the Operational Team, he has been involved in a number of transformational projects with various portfolio companies, including Cisbio and AC Environnement.

Vincent grew up in the Paris region and both his father and grandfather were entrepreneurs. Before joining Abénex, Vincent worked in the statutory audit and M&A departments of KPMG in Paris, and in corporate development at EuNetworks in London.

“At Abénex, I am motivated by having the opportunity to partner with entrepreneurs during their ongoing development and work with management teams to achieve their objectives. Whether focusing on external growth or executing targeted operational projects, Abénex is focused on building meaningful long-term relationships based on trust and respect with the teams we support.”