Groupe Helios

Abenex disposes of the Helios Group in a secondary LBO

February 8, 2019 – Jean-Christophe Blot and his management team along with Azulis take over the Hélios Group. The Group is the leading independent player in the Paris Region in providing roofing, waterproofing and plumbing maintenance services to local authorities and para-statal organisations.

The acquisition of GEC Ile de France in 2013 allowed the managerial transition to Jean-Christophe Blot during a buy-in operation. The company was quickly structured with the recruitment of a finance department, the implementation of financial and CSR reporting and the development of a digital service offer for customers. Between 2013 and 2018, the Group doubled in size to reach more than €22m in revenue through organic growth and external growth, notably with the creation of the Group through the acquisition of Sallandre in 2016. The workforce has followed the Group’s trajectory, increasing from 40 employees to over 90 in 2018.

According to Christian Dorléac, “The Hélios Group’s development over the last five years, characterised in particular by a managerial transition and successful internal structuring and the key acquisition of Sallandre in 2016, now enables it to offer a wide range of quality services and to pursue its development through external growth”.

Jean-Christophe Blot explains: “The presence of Abenex was a fundamental element in the creation of the Hélios Group. In particular its confidence during the transfer of the company and its strong involvement during the acquisition of Sallandre”.

The Hélios Group can capitalize on the successful achievement of its 2013-2018 Business Plan to lead a new phase of development and consolidation of its market.

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