Abenex Foundation in action

In 2017, as part of its sustainability strategy, Abenex launched a screening process to identify charities which Abénex and its employees could support. This led to the implementation of a partnership with the Epic Foundation in 2019. 


In order to formalize further our donations and charitable giving approach, Abenex created the Abenex Foundation, under the umbrella of the Fondation de France. The Foundation supports NGOs and charities that promote the inclusion of children and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds.


In 2022, we supported five organisations.


The charities have been selected for their alignment with Abenex’s values, their outstanding work in supporting local communities, and their ability to measure and report on the social impact of their actions:

Founded in 2014 by Alexandre Mars, Epic Foundation is a global not-for-profit startup. Epic bridges the gap between organisations supporting children and youth (0-25 yrs old) and new generations of individual and corporate donors. The organisation is also developing new tools focused on enhancing how donors select, monitor and experience their impact.


Espérance banlieues: Founded in 2002, Espérance Banlieues’s objective is to fight and prevent early school quitting, to provide high quality education and to promote the development of innovative schools in less-priviledged areas. The charity supports 17 schools and over 900 pupils. https://esperancebanlieues.org/

1001 mots : Founded in 2017, 1001mots helps parents from less-privileged neighbourhoods to develop their child’s language by sending them age-appropriate books and ensuring that parents interact with relevant linguistic tools  with their children.


PLAY-International: for 20 years, PLAY International has invested in sport as a medium to promote education and social change. Its action in the field shows that it is possible to positively impact the life trajectory of individuals by creating new ways of using physical activity and sport: by promoting new learning technics and develop soft skills; facilitating dialogue between war-battered communities, etc.


Lit Up : Founded in 2019, Lit Up’s goal is to remobilize and guide young individuals through a tailored solidarity engagement experience. Lit Up provides education and training tools to help  teenagers and your adults find their path in life.


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