Bonded, passionate, united by an entrepreneurial spirit.

Our teams are committed to serving the companies we accompany and the projects we carry forward.

Based from our offices in Paris, Lyon, Amsterdam, and Milan, we share a common belief: to invest and commit to the sustainable growth of companies, creating lasting and shared value, through a reasoned use of resources.

Working at abenex


Manager within the Operational team

« Working at Abenex gives me the opportunity to get involved in stimulating and strategic projects for our holdings, to deepen my knowledge of operational management issues specific to SMEs alongside entrepreneurs, and to increase my knowledge of financial issues by working with investment professionals on a daily basis. I'm proud of Abenex's responsible and sustainable approach to investing. We actively support companies with high growth potential to help them achieve their goals. »


Partner in the Mid-Cap team

« At Abenex, we learn how to build a quality relationship with our managers over time. This means developing the ability to listen and analyze situations, to support but also challenge managers in their choices, whatever the situation. Teamwork comes naturally to us, since we operate as a project team, usually comprising 3 or 4 team members with different backgrounds. We need to be constantly exchanging ideas, so that in the end we can formulate a collective judgement on an investment. »


Manager in the Mid-Caps team

« At Abenex, a sense of team spirit is one of our fundamental values, reflected in the sharing of knowledge and experience, mutual support between the different teams and their members, and the conviviality that reigns in the offices. After more than 8 years in consulting, I chose to join Abenex because of the high quality of its dynamic, stimulating, close-knit team, committed to the founders of the companies it supports. »


Talent Manager

« From the outset of my interviews at Abenex, I have met straightforward, authentic personalities who are close to both their employees/colleagues and the management of their holdings. »

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