Abenex announces the closing of a continuation fund established to acquire a majority stake in Europa Group to support its continued growth

Abenex is pleased to announce the closing of an oversubscribed continuation fund of c.€300m allowing for the acquisition of Europa Group from its Abenex V’s portfolio and the financing of future build-up opportunities. The continuation fund will notably enable Abenex to support the Group’s continued growth while pursuing the successful buy-and-build strategy. Following the transaction, Abenex becomes the majority shareholder of Europa Group. Marc and Florence Doncieux, co-founders of Europa Group, remain significant shareholders and will continue to lead the Group. This change in the capital structure also marks a milestone in the group’s progressive managerial transition with the arrival of Louis Verdier, as general manager, and the nomination of Julien Kouchner as president of the Media Sante activity.

Founded in 1987, Europa is a leading European medical information and training player. It operates in 24 countries and has a total headcount of over 500. Europa is a conferences organizer, some of which are its own. It is the undisputed leader in the Professional Medical Conference sector in France. In addition to conferences, Europa offers a wide range of related services, including digital publishing of medical content.

Since Abenex became shareholder in 2017, the company has completed eight build-ups and  more than doubled its turnover which increased from 70  to c.160 million euros.

Building on this new organizational structure, Europa Group aims to double in size within five years, with a particular focus on a proactive external growth strategy in Europe.

Examplifying Europa’s ambition to provide solutions across all aspects of medical communities’ needs (public and private health players, pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers), Europa Group also announces the acquisition of APM International. APM is a world-renowned healthcare press agency, formerly owned by the British publishing group Wilmington plc. Based in France, APM employs 60 people and generates 9 million euros of sales. The company is recognized as a value-added information provider for healthcare professionals in the sector, thus complementing Europa’s 360 -degree offer.


Matthieu Balaÿ, Managing Director at Abenex, comments “Over the last seven years, Europa Group has evolved from a medical conference group to a leader in health information and training. As a trusted third party, Europa Group promotes the dissemination of knowledge and research within the medical community. This corporate mission is fully in line with Abenex’s investment philosophy. Convinced by the potential of the market and the quality of the management team, Abenex is delighted to continue the adventure as a majority partner.”


“We are very proud to continue our partnership with Europa which has been a consistent strong performer of our portfolio. The Group has been very successful in conducting and integrating add-on acquisitions and we look forward to continue to partner with the management team as part of this new operation.”, adds Patrice Verrier, Managing Partner at Abenex.


Marc Doncieux, President and Co-founder of Europa Group, concludes: “Committed to our values and the high standard of ethics and excellence we established 37 years ago, Europa Group continues to provide services to the healthcare community, industry and institutions, contributing to medical progress and improving patient care. Florence and I are very pleased to be writing a new chapter in the history of Europa Group. This chapter now includes the strong commitment of Abenex, which has supported us over the last 7 years, and which shares with talent and success the same convictions.”

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