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Abenex takes over the AC Environnement Group, French leader in real estate diagnostics, alongside the management team

Founded in 2002 by Pierre Déroche and Denis Mora, the AC Environnement Group is the French leader in real estate diagnostics with a turnover of nearly 50 million Euros. The operation enabled Pierre Déroche, the majority shareholder, to sell his stake and Naxicap to unwind his 2015 investment. All the managers led by Denis Mora and Stéphane Sanchez are pursuing the Group’s development alongside Abenex, the majority investor in the operation. Garibaldi Participations, also a minority shareholder which has accompanied AC Environnement for many years, is reinvesting in the new operation alongside Abenex.

The AC Environnement Group is particularly active in the social housing and public authority markets. It generates more than 80% of its turnover in asbestos diagnostics before works and demolition. AC Environnement has several internal laboratories enabling it to carry out 600,000 analyses per year and thus giving it significant responsiveness for its customers. The Group employs more than 550 people throughout France and has 26 agencies in the main French cities.

Since its creation, the AC Environnement Group has invested heavily in its analytical laboratories and computer tools, giving it significant competitive advantages in a still fragmented market. In recent years, the Group has benefited from the strengthening of asbestos regulations in France and has positioned itself more particularly towards public players who are most concerned by asbestos issues in buildings. Thanks to its competitiveness in responding to calls for tenders, the group has rapidly developed national coverage over the past 5 years. It now has the critical size, organisation and resources to be a player in the consolidation of the French market.

The AC Environnement Group is also positioned on the future market of 3D building modeling, Building Information Modeling (BIM), the implementation of which will allow AC Environnement’s clients to improve their knowledge of their building stock and reduce maintenance costs. The group aims to consolidate the public and private real estate diagnostic market and to become a leader in the BIM offering in France by 2021.

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