Design and manufacturing of high performance concrete products

Cisbio operates mostly in Life Sciences Drug Discovery. It also has a small In-Vitro Diagnostics business unit. It serves clients through both a direct sales organization and distributors. It has 3 overseas subsidiaries (USA, China, Japan). Life Sciences activities serve big pharmas as well as biotechs and university research institutes. They focus on developing reagents at early phases of the biopharma R&D value chain, when biotechs/pharmas perform series of key tests to bring therapeutic candidates to clinical trials. The group IVD activities manufacture reagents to perform tests on biological samples (e.g.: blood, urine, tissues) to diagnose diseases in medical laboratories.

Date of capital investment

October 2005

Type of deal

2nd LMBO



Number of employees


Date of transfer

March 2007

Type of transfer

Secondary LBO to LBO France