Di marco

Di Marco

Specialist food producer

Di Marco is the leading company in the Pinsa Romana market. This lighter, crunchier, healthier and highly digestible alternative to pizza, was invented by Corrado Di Marco, Di Marco’s founder, in 2001. Historically specialized in the production of flour mixes targeting the food service industry (pizzerias, pinserias, restaurants, etc.), the company has successfully expanded its offering to provide pre-cooked pinsa bases to both food service operators, as well as more recently to the retail market, under its proprietary brand. The company has constantly been at the forefront of product innovation in order to continuously anticipate market trends, by developing new product variants of its dough, which is applicable to multiple usages. Di Marco has been strongly contributing to Pinsa Romana’s spreading through its “Originale Pinsa Romana” Association (body certifying pinserias), and its own “Pinsa School”.

Date of capital investment

September 2022

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