Eurêka Education

Private professional education

Eurêka Education Group is a leading name in private professional education in France and Switzerland via a network of 53 campuses welcoming around 8,500 students each year on BAC (European Level “4”) and BAC+5 (European Level “7”) training programmes. Notably, it is the largest network of beauty and hairdressing schools in France, preparing students in its Silvya Terrade schools for a full range of qualifications in beauty, cosmetics, perfumery and hairdressing. The group also manages an extensive network of over 3,000 professional partners, including brands, institutes and salons, and draws on the skills of over 500 teachers. The group has based its growth strategy on two specific areas: (i) completing add-ons in France and Europe with the acquisition of 30 schools; and (ii) modernising and diversifying the range of training programmes, including developing higher-level and specialised courses, as well as digitalising content and teaching methods.

Date of capital investment

april 2018

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Number of employees


Date of transfer

October 2020

Type of transfer

LBO Secondaire à NaxiCap Partners