Integration and management of companies’ digital sytems

NextiraOne is the former Business Communication division of Alcatel, which provides telecoms voice, IP communication, data transmission, security and contact centres network solutions. The division became independent from Alcatel in 2002 as it was divested to a US investment fund. Since its independence, NextiraOne has become a provider of innovative business communication solutions. Whilst preserving its partnership with its former parent, Alcatel, the company was also able to develop new strong relationships with other key vendors such as Cisco. At the time of Abenex’s acquisition, NextiraOne benefited from a pan-European presence through multiple subsidiaries. The company provided network solutions to more than 100,000 end-customers across Europe.

Date of capital investment

June 2006

Type of deal




Number of employees


Date of transfer

June 2015

Type of transfer

Sale to Butler