SET Environnement

Decontamination works for buildings

Founded in 1986, S.E.T. Environnement specializes in decontamination works for tertiary and industrial buildings containing asbestos. With more than 3,000 projects carried out since its creation, S.E.T. has developed recognized expertise in asbestos removal with a capacity to intervene on occupied sites with clients mainly from the private sector. At the same time, S.E.T. has successfully developed in adjacent activities, through organic growth (creation of G.E.T. Maintenance in 2016 – maintenance work in asbestos environments) and through external growth (acquisition of AFC in 2016 – heating and ventilation engineering). The Group also has expertise in the removal of other polluting material such as lead. The Group operates mainly in Ile-de-France but also in the rest of France, notably thanks to its branches in Dunkirk and Villeurbanne.

Date of capital investment

October 2016

Type of deal




Number of employees


Date of transfer

February 2019

Type of transfer

Secondary LBO at Sofival