Optical and digital security solutions

Founded in 1984, Surys (formerly known as Hologram Industries) is a worldwide leading supplier of visual and digital security solutions, mainly dedicated to states aiming at fighting counterfeited documents and goods. The group operates two manufacturing sites located in France and in the USA. Most products are exported to Europe, Asia and to a lesser extent to South and North America. Surys’ main activities consist of the following: Identification documents (passports, ID cards, driving licenses) , Registration documents for vehicles, Fiduciary authentication products such as banknotes, Brand protection and “smart” labelling (pharmaceutical products, perfumes), Digital and other security holograms.

Surys’ main activities are as follows:
– identity documents (passports, ID cards, driving licences).
– vehicle registration documents – cash authentication products, in particular banknotes.
– brand protection and “intelligent” labelling (pharmaceutical products, perfumes).
– digital and security holograms TRANSFER TO IN Groupe.

Date of capital investment

June 2013

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Number of employees


Date of transfer

December 2019

Type of transfer

Cession industrielle – In Groupe