Patrice Verrier

Managing Partner

Patrice is a Managing Partner at Abenex. Alongside Hervé Claquin and Olivier Moatti, he led the spin-off of ABN AMRO’s private equity division in 2008, enabling Abenex to become fully independent. Originally from Canada, Patrice began his career in Quebec as a chartered accountant providing audit and tax consulting services, before transitioning to focus on SME consulting services. He left Canada in 1993 to study in the Netherlands and the United States, before joining ABN AMRO in Amsterdam where he helped to create a global private equity network. In 1998, he joined the French private equity team within ABN AMRO and actively participated in the bank’s European investment committee until Abenex became an independent company in 2008.

“At Abenex, we strive to understand the core fundamentals of our portfolio companies and help them to achieve further growth.”

Date of arrival

March 1998


MBA Rotterdam School of Management | Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) | Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) | Université Sherbroke – Comptabilité, Finance