Emmanuel Herbinet


Emmanuel is a Partner at Abenex and joined the firm in 2009. He is the founding member of the dedicated Operational Team formed in 2009. Emmanuel has led various transformational operational processes for numerous portfolio companies, including Outinord, Surys and Hild. Emmanuel grew up in the Paris area, although his family roots lie in Burgundy. His professional career began in 1992 at the listed company La Continentale d’Entreprises where, as part of the M&A team, Emmanuel worked on the takeover bid for Asturian Mining Company in 1994, the acquisition of a lead mine in Morocco in 1996 and the purchase of Nord Est Group from PAI in 1998. He then moved into operations and was promoted to the position of CFO at Ileos (Nord Est’s packaging hub), a position he held for four years. In 2004, he became Managing Director of Packart (the French market-leader in pharmaceutical packaging), where in 2007 he oversaw the creation of Packetis as a result of the merger with Rotanotice.

“I enjoy partnering closely with passionate management teams and entrepreneurs, working on a diverse set of situations and opportunities, meeting talented men and women and helping them continue to grow their companies though product innovation and process optimisation.”

Date of arrival

January 2009


ESSEC | Université de Parix X (Nanterre) – Droit