LP Promotion

Abenex partners with a leading residential real estate developer, LP Promotion

Abenex announces its investment in LP Promotion. It will support the company in a new stage of its development.
The operation allows a capital reorganization while ensuring the continuity of the current management team. Lucien Ponsot, founder of LP Promotion, passes on the helm to his son Laurent, who joined the Group in 2006. Pierre Aoun and Romain Lachieze, who have been working within the Group for 10 years, will now hold the positions of Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director. Together, they are the majority shareholder of the new entity.

“With Abenex on board as a new shareholder, we intend to implement the management transition and to pursue our development. LP Promotion targets becoming the leading residential real estate leader in the Southwest of France by 2020. We intend to become the key partner of regional decision makers on housing projects in the core geographies of Toulouse, Bordeaux and the Bay of Arcachon,” mentioned Laurent Ponsot and Pierre Aoun, CEO and Managing director of LP Promotion.

“The financial solidity of LP Promotion, its strong position in high growth markets as well as the increasing stake of the management team in the capital of the new structure strongly motivated us to invest in the future of the Group,” said, Julien Keignart, Abenex.

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